We help
to shape green
impact on the world
Setting up
a Happy

Happy & safe workplace
of the future
Technology will be in the heart of the Happy & safe workspace of the future. It will positively impact corporate & remote offices' microclimate, utilize personal productivity and eventually impact SRI & ESG goals.
Greenpact future lab accelerates usage of the green side of technology within corporations. So workplaces will become a spaces where happiness strive.
impact of a nature
in the offices

SRI/ESG goals
The qualitative approach should be at the heart of organizational transformation. For now, companies were using plants in a formal way ignoring their true potential impact on the workforce & group dynamic.
Our innovative approach allows companies to increase happiness level of their workforce, reduce burnout and absenteeism.
Introducing Happiness Impact — a unique corporate happiness measurement system made by Greenpact future lab.
reduced fatigue by
absenteeism by
happiness level increased by
Blending Green
and Tech trends with rapid prototyping

Greenpact partnerships focuses on research & design across an evolving list of greenery products, emerging technologies and business challenges. From 4-day sprints to multi-week projects, we start with your organization's hard problems and create products and services that look 12+ months ahead of market.
A Venture Studio With Tangible Impact
Through venture design sprints, residencies, and special events, Greenpact helps you incubate, accelerate, and launch ventures. We builds alongside leading founders, early stage startups, and corporate innovators to move new concepts toward workspace of the future market.
An Investment Partner
Greenpact's design-driven investing program partners with early-stage distributed teams through co-creation, capital, and community. By partnering with world-class entrepreneurs and developers, we help put human needs at the center of workspace of the future.
We work across industries at the intersection of
emerging technologies
and social trends

Emerging technology
Machine Learning
Internet of Things
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Social trends
Future of Work
Distributed Offices
Post-Pandemic "New normal"
Organizational Changes
AI-powered service for a rapid corporate greenery prototyping
Greentech projects we are working on
faster than humans
innovative landscaping with Artifficial Interlligence
works with
no days off
Utilization of advanced technologies for the implementation of connected plants
Rethinking the impact of plants on company culture
Advanced IoT-distributed green walls positively shaping workplace happiness agenda.
R&D stage
Creating the first truly Interactive office landscaping
We collaborate with changemakers impacting Happy & healthy workplaces of the future.
Leading company in Eastern European landscaping market. 13 years & 1000 B2B clients from Coca-Cola to Booking.com. Website >
With Us

We're designing the Happy & safe workplace of the Future through R&D, prototyping and investment.
At Greenpact, we bring together the best talents from landscaping business, tech community, startups and corporations to identify needs, prototype innovative concepts, and bring new solutions toward market.
Want to get involved? Drop us a line below!
We're a small team on a mission to help companies grow their businesses through greentech innovations.
Team &

Nick Havryliak, Livee / CEO
8+ years in Product Management - creating enterprise and consumer products. Early stage startups' mentor.
Alex Dvoeglazov,
Partner / Landscaping advisor
Landscaping company' CEO with 10000 B2B clients from BMW to Adidas.
Greentech trends
to help you innovate

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